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Double Nature: The Journey of a Half-Drow (Session 2)

17th Day of Tardisia, Xenephias (Again) It is the middle of the night. The sun hasn’t come out yet. My hands, still shaking from what I have learnt today, clumsily write in my journal while in darkness. To my left there is Bingo, deep asleep, loudly snoring while the sound of coins clinking together suspiciously plays inside his pillow. To the right, near the wall of the room, there is Veronique, peacefully lying in bed, no noise but with a pleased expression in her face. Meanwhile, from downstairs I can hear the faint sound of Harmand ransacking the bakery’s pantry. Today I have learnt so much more about the mysterious woman and my mother. Not only that, but I have learnt about what is…

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