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Tag: dramatis-personae

TCG: Dramatis Personæ

PCs Bingo Rumble: A Lightfoot Halfling, son of a rich merchant family. Harmand Kromman: A Mountain Dwarf of clan Kromman. Rhyl’Aun Ridge: A Half-Drow, son of a merchant. Véronique Lorraine: A human, daughter of a baker. Asgard Trygve, King of Asgard: An eccentric elf who vowed to destroy Níðhöggr once and for all. Son, (allegedly) God of Ale, Handsomeness, and Archery: A very ugly but kind-hearted man with amazing bow skills. More importantly, an ale connoisseur. Eira, the Strong: A freakishly strong woman armed with hundreds of weapons. Ottkatla: Trygve’s pregnant wife. Longmill Oden: A caravan master making trips from Longmill to West Aer-Toril. Merla: Oden’s wife and Longmill’s baker. Lyle: A halfling man from Talonfall who aspires to be the world’s best cook.…

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