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How My GM Blew Up My Mind: A Viking Story of Pain and Suffering

My 2018 was all about Vikings. We were fortunate to have a very experienced GM who home-brewed an awesome Viking campaign for us. Playing a viking campaign was a long time wish of mine, however, little did I know that by the end of the campaign my GM would have blown up my mind. But first things first. The campaign was built on DnD 5e. Our group consisted of five PCs which are depicted below in an amazing commission made by Yannis ‘Rubus’ Rubulias. Before I explain how our glorious GM blew up my mind, I need to give you a brief introduction of our PCs and campaign.

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Castlevania Seasons 1/2 Review

Under the ruins of the building that once ruled the Heavens lies a room full of forgotten secrets. In it, a young elf is reading a book murmuring to himself. His dire wolf pelt lies on the floor. His longbow and lyre are dropped hastily on a table. So focused he is on his research that he does not hear the woman entering the room.

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All Systems Red (The Murderbot Diaries #1) Review

All Systems Red is a refreshing scifi novella that surprised me in so many ways. First, I have to admit that I’m a huge lore nerd. I love reading pages upon pages about how every single thing works and functions in a given setting, stories of how the state of the world came to be, past stories about the characters, and so on. All Systems Red contains 0% of these while managing effortlessly to present a captivating story. Secondly, I would never have thought that I would feel be so profoundly connected with a socially dysfunctional (murder)bot.

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