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TCG: Quest Log

Last updated on October 7, 2019

Main Quests

Defeat Níðhöggr, the Serpent Who Gnaws the Roots of Yggdrasil:

Four years ago the gods died. It turns out, their powers were paramount in keeping Níðhöggr imprisoned, an alien fiend responsible for the deaths of many Vanir. Since their death, Níðhöggr is gaining strength and will soon break free of his divine chains. We must stop it. But if gods couldn’t stop it, how can we?

Revive the Old Treaties:

If Níðhöggr is raising an army, then so must we. Trygve told us of a treaty signed by three once-powerful nations, Dharêth, the ancient dwarven city known for its superior smithing, Vaelkar, the northern human state known for its military expertise, and Mael, the southern human state known for riches. We must convince the leaders of these nations to join our cause!

Mael: It turns out reviving these treaties is not as easy as we had originally thought. Upon reaching Silverscot we realized that Mael is on the verge of civil war! We managed to speak with the leader of the rebels, Maurus, who ⁠— surprisingly ⁠— believed our story of impending doom, yet he told us that his first priority is his people. As if this wasn’t enough, his brother, Barath, the commander of the guard, arrested him! If we are to solve this, we need to speak to Queen Amelia.

Make Allies & Defeat Foes:

Uniting three nations against Níðhöggr is a good start, but it may not be enough. We need more allies joining our cause, from the smallest to the most powerful, every single person counts. Meanwhile, we must disrupt Níðhöggr’s plans. Trygve told us that Níðhöggr has allies all around Aer-Toril. We must find them and defeat them!

Side Quests

A Curse or Nature’s Way?

Insa, Carla’s and Aufra’s sister was turned into a vile creature resembling what the bed time stories refer as hags. Is this normal? Can people be transformed like that into vile creatures or is someone responsible?

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