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TCG: Allies & Foes

Last updated on October 7, 2019

Four years ago the gods died. It turns out, their powers were paramount in keeping Níðhöggr imprisoned. As Níðhöggr is gathering strength, so must we. Trygve tasked us to make as many allies as possible while disrupting the plans of our foes, when possible.


  • Trygve, King of Asgard: An eccentric elf who vowed to destroy Níðhöggr once and for all.
  • Son, (allegedly) God of Ale, Handsomeness, and Archery: A very ugly but kind-hearted man with amazing bow skills. More importantly, an ale connoisseur.
  • Eira, the Strong: A freakishly strong woman armed with hundreds of weapons.
  • Gargoblax and His Horde of Goblins: We met and helped a brave goblin named Gargoblax become the leader of his horde.
  • Carla, the Caravan Guard: We solved an 8-year old mystery by finding and returning (albeit in an unfortunate state) Carla’s missing sister.


  • Níðhöggr, the Serpent Who Gnaws the Roots Yggdrasil: An alien being of immeasurable power responsible for the death of many Vanir many millennia ago.
  • Níðhöggr’s Army of the Undead: Níðhöggr is a raising an undead army in Rhas Ghor.
  • King Cretu, the Grand Talon: Talon’s newly crowned King, formerly known as the leader of “The Godslayers”.

This story is part of a Dungeons & Dragons 5e campaign called The Chained God.

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