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The Watcher Chronicles: Entry 1

Four travelers, whose fates are woven by the same thread, travel through an ancient pass. A dwarf, Harmand, who lies to himself, a halfling, Bingo, who is shallower than Lake Olhed, a half-drow, Rhyl’Aun, who is a pawn used in a war he did not partake in, and a human, Veronique, who is in love. Their guide, a man named Oden, is forced to stop his journey east for one of the cart wheels is broken. They meet a young halfling named Lyle, poisoned by his own foolishness. The dwarf, with a swift yet powerful move, helps him recover. They are hungry and decide to hunt. They are attacked by a dire wolf and two wolves. They kill them. The dwarf, in a stereotypical brutish fashion, mashes the dire wolf’s head. They return back to the caravan with game and herbs. The halfling, Lyle, prepares wolf stew but fails to impress.  

The next morning, the group reaches Longmill. They are greeted by Longmill’s mayor, Otho. They inspect the burned down temple of Valtias but find nothing of interest. The mayor invites them for dinner. He explains that Longmill experiences a goblin problem and askes them to solve it. He also mentions Aufra, who’s husband, a hunter, was killed a few months ago by goblins. Aufra asks them if they can recover her husband’s wedding ring. The group agrees to help. They track down a goblin who calls himself Gargoblax. The goblin is afraid of the half-drow. He explains that dark elves are traveling in the underdark and are killing the goblins in their path. The group agrees to help the goblin and ask him to lead them to their leader, The Tall Giant Chieftain.

Upon reaching the cave they meet The Tall Giant Chieftain and his three lackies. They attempt to demoralize the group. Two of the lackies decide to leave their leader. The Tall Giant Chieftain attacks and is killed with the help of Gargoblax. The goblin crowd chants Gargoblax’s name and assign them their leader. The new goblin leader promises to leave these lands on the same night and pledges himself as an ally of the party. Harmand recover’s Aufra’s ring from the dead body of the The Tall Giant Chieftain.

On the way to Longmill, they meet a glorious, majestic being. He asks them a question and offers information in return. They agree and learn that some of their questions can be answered if they travel east, to the Ancient Pillar, where a mind is trapped. In Longmill, they are rewarded for their efforts and learn that this ancient pillar is now called Rhas Ardin.

Thread 3AXIIDF, Cycle 6701FT

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