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The Chained God: Dramatis Personae

Unknown Location

  • The Watcher: An allegedly ancient entity keeping notes of all the things ever happened.


  • King Cretu, The Grand Talon: Originally the leader of Godslayers, the army who returned victorious from the land of the berserkers, Cretu killed his own father and declared himself King Cretu, The Grand Talon.


  • Oden: The caravan master. A powerfully-built man with a bushy red mustache and sagging jowls. He is a resident of Longmill and makes caravan trips from Longmill to the West Aer-Toril.
  • Merla: Oden’s wife. Longmill’s baker. Long brown hair. Fat. Obnoxious but good-hearted. 
  • Lyle: A halfling man, 21, cook. Curly red hair, freckles, childish face.
  • Carla: Human, Fighter. Oden’s guard. Long blonde hair. Citizen of Longmill.
  • Insa: Carla’s and Aufra’s older sister. Lost 8 years ago. No one knows what happened to her. She has a birthmark on her back that looks like a long, red scar.
  • The Altons, Dale (father), Mimosa (mother), Milo (son): A family of humans from Yellowbane migrating to the east.
  • Aufra: Carla’s sister, blonde hair. Widow of Hathor who died 3 months ago by goblins.
  • Otho: Longmill’s mayor. Oden’s brother. Human, man, brown hair, glorious mustache, fat.
  • The Tall Giant Chieftain: The leader of the goblins near Longmill (MM, page 166, Goblin Boss)
  • Gargoblax: A brave goblin.

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