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Quicky #1: What book to start next?

“Because life happened.”

Well, I messed up. During the last three years I got so caught up with… well, life, that I put my personal happiness on the side. Things will change though. This means more books, more games, more anime, and of course, more D&D!

Regarding anime, I will continue watching Stand Alone Complex, that’s for sure. Regarding games, I will probably start a new Pathfinder: Kingmaker campaign now that the Enhanced Edition is out and the amazing Turn-Based mod (!) seems to be almost flawless. What I’m unsure though is what book to read next.

I started reading Toll of the Hounds (Malazan #8), however, it feels like I’m not in the mood for it. However, I’m not sure what to read… Possibly, Consider Phlebas to induce some sci-fi to my life, but still, I’m not sure. Based on my to-read list, do you have any ideas? Let me know 🙂

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