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How My GM Blew Up My Mind: A Viking Story of Pain and Suffering

My 2018 was all about Vikings. We were fortunate to have a very experienced GM who home-brewed an awesome Viking campaign for us. Playing a viking campaign was a long time wish of mine, however, little did I know that by the end of the campaign my GM would have blown up my mind. But first things first. The campaign was built on DnD 5e. Our group consisted of five PCs which are depicted below…

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The Chained God: Dramatis Personae

Unknown Location The Watcher: An allegedly ancient entity keeping notes of all the things ever happened. Talon King Cretu, The Grand Talon: Originally the leader of Godslayers, the army who returned victorious from the land of the berserkers, Cretu killed his own father and declared himself King Cretu, The Grand Talon. Longmill Oden: The caravan master. A powerfully-built man with a bushy red mustache and sagging jowls. He is a resident of Longmill and makes…

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The Watcher Chronicles: Entry 1

“Four travelers, whose fates are woven by the same thread, travel through an ancient pass. A dwarf, Harmand, who lies to himself, a halfling, Bingo, who is shallower than Lake Olhed, a half-drow, Rhyl’Aun, who is a pawn used in a war he did not partake in, and a human, Veronique, who is in love. Their guide, a man named Oden, is forced to stop his journey east for one of the cart wheels is…

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Bioshock Infinite — An FPS Gem That Respects The Intelligence Of Its Players

“There’s always a lighthouse, there’s always a man, there’s always a city.” When Bioshock Infinite was published in 2013 critics and fans were ecstatic. However, for reasons that today are unknown to me, I never got to play the game. Needless to say, when I made the list of the things I want to experience and review on this blog, Bioshock Infinite was among the first things I added. But what kind of games is…

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Unsung Songs [001]: The Tree of Life

Ruins of the Asgardian Palace, Asgard, 4 AR. Under the ruins of the building that once ruled the Heavens lies a room full of forgotten secrets. In it, a young elf is reading a book murmuring to himself. His dire wolf pelt lies on the floor. His longbow and lyre are dropped hastily on a table. So focused he is on his research that he does not hear the woman entering the room. “Trygve,” says…

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All Systems Red (The Murderbot Diaries #1) Review

Who would have thought that we would relate so profoundly with a murderbot! All Systems Red is a refreshing scifi novella that surprised me in so many ways. First, I have to admit that I’m a huge lore nerd. I love reading pages upon pages about how every single thing works and functions in a given setting, stories of how the state of the world came to be, past stories about the characters, and so…

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